How to Download Twitter Videos on PC or MAC

Twitter video downloader websites to save videos from twitter to your PC, MAC or mobile device in MP4 format.

Twitter has become a platform where hundreds of thousands of pictures, videos, and gifs are being shared every day. People share all types of videos on Twitter. From trailers to ads to fan edits and memes. A major part of media shared on Twitter is in the form of videos. Unfortunately, Twitter does not let you download videos right from the app, unlike photos. There can be many reasons you would want to download a video. People share so many different types of videos that you would want to save on your phone like if you watched a funny TikTok, a trailer for a show or movie that you really loved, reaction memes, or funny reaction videos. The point is there is a different purpose for every video you want to download. You can use third-party websites for downloading Twitter videos on your desktop, laptop, or phone. Although there are apps for the phones as well. Here we will talk about the top websites to download Twitter videos from. There are as followed:

Twitter Mp4 Video Downloader

Twitter Mp4 is an online video downloader that you can use to download tweet videos from twitter to your local device in Mp4 format. This downloader can be used on any PC, Mac or mobile device and you can directly go to the website to save video as Mp4.

To download video from twitter using TwitterMp4, get the link to tweet with the video you want to download and paste the tweet link in the twitter mp4 downloaer tool. If the link is valid you will see a preview of the tweet video with an option to save the highest quality video directly to your downloads folder or gallery.

Twitter Video Downloader

The process behind downloading gifs or videos is pretty simple and basic for all websites. You just copy the URL of the tweet and paste it into the address box on the website. It will load the page where you can download the video in different resolutions. And you can also download the videos in HD. You can choose the desired resolution based on your need. You just have to right-click on the box and choose “Save Link As…” and choose the destination. The video format of the file is MP4


This is another great website that you can use. It is also very convenient and with a user-friendly interface. This website also has all the basic functionalities and options as the one mentioned above. In addition to those options, you can also download the videos in MP3. For instance, someone shared a clip from a song or dialogue or anything like that, you can just download it in MP3 instead of downloading the video. The process to download the videos is the same as before. And the format is also MP4 with the added option of MP3 downloads.


This website is also an excellent option for people looking to download Twitter videos and gifs. This also has a clean user interface where you just have to paste the link in the bar and it’ll give you the available resolutions of the video. And this too has the option to download videos in HD. This website has an option for a Firefox Plugin. This makes it easier to use and the Plugin will help make the process faster. The whole process of copying, opening the website, and pasting the link gets eliminated by this. After installing this plugin, there will be a download option under every tweet with a video. You will need to click on the download and select the quality of the video you want to download. Another quick way to download videos using the website is by adding “sss” before “twitter” in the URL.

For example, here’s a link to a video: You just need to add the “sss” before it:, and it’ll reroute you to the page where you can download it from.


Posted by @kamran | Last updated November 04, 2021