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View of K2 mountain from Concordia. K2 Mountain is the second tallest mountain in the world and the trek to K2 Base Camp is one of the most spectacular mountaineering treks in the world. The trek f

K2 Mountain

The farthest human made object from earth in space is Voyager 1, currently travelling at a speed of about 62,140 km per hour in the interstellar space at a distance of roughly 21.2 billion kilomete

Voyager One The Story Of Farthest Human Made Object In Space

I have used almost every popular social media and seen the lifecycle of many social media apps overtime. 

At first when social media became a thing, we had no idea about how to use it or what

Internet has become an integral part of our lives and we spend countless hours consuming content on websites or social networks. The content we consume comes in many forms, like text posts, images


Twitter video downloader websites to save videos from twitter to your PC, MAC or mobile device in MP4 format.

Steps to Fix gradle sync failed error in Android Studio projects due to failed Gradle plugin update, corrupt cache or zip file.

How to Solve "Gradle Project Sync Failed" Error

Complete step-by-step guide for beginners to create a free Blogspot blog or website on Blogger without any experience.

Blogspot - How to create free blog on Blogger (2021)

If there is any group of people who understand oppression better than anyone else it is women. As soon as girls learn to walk and talk, their parents and society start telling them what they can an

Women are the oppressed gender on this planet and if you don't agree with this statement then maybe it is time you go and educate yourself a little bit. Almost every woman has experienced harassmen

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